iPhone’s first real money casino games developed by Spin3

iPhone Casino Games

The full service mobile gambling solutions provider Spin3, powered by Microgaming, the world’s largest online gaming software provider, reportedly has unveiled the first commercially available play-for-real casino games.

The company says the games are specifically designed for Apple’s iPhone mobile digital device.

Spin3′s games for use with the iPhone are practically on par with online casino games, as they make use of razor sharp graphics and advanced in-game effects. Enabling users to play either horizontally or vertically, the Spin3 supports the iPhone’s flip-screen feature as these improved mobile games feature touch screen controls. Eliminating the need to download and install the games, the instant-play games are fully hosted and accessed via the iPhone’s Web browser. Also, Spin3 operators will be able to customize personal messages for their players when they log on to play.

To offer its operators with the necessary tools to capture the lion’s share of the mobile casino market, Spin3 is developing its portfolio of mobile casino games specifically for Apple’s iPhone.

Spin3′s casino games, Blackjack and Tomb Raider, are now available on the iPhone and the iPod Touch mobile digital devices. Also, at the European i-Gaming Congress and Expo in Barcelona, the Major Millions progressive slot game will debut in the new iPhone format later this month.

With the burgeoning sales of iPhones, one million handsets were sold only 74 days after launch. But the iPhone 3G is taking only three days to reach this volume. Reinforcing Spin3′s commitment to set the benchmark for mobile casino gaming, Spin3 says that developing the first commercially available play-for-real casino games specifically for the iPhone is a "great achievement."

Spin3 will officially launch and demo the games for use on the iPhone at the Microgaming booth at the 7th annual EiG Congress and Expo in Barcelona from Sept. 23 to 25.

"The iPhone is unlike any other handset in the market. We have carefully tailored our games to meet the needs of the iPhone’s touch screen system as well as being compatible with its flip-screen feature. This is a key milestone which we consider the beginning of mobilizing the Internet. We are fully committed to developing new technologies that lend to this trend and driving the popularity of mobile gaming among the growing community of iPhone users," says Matti Zinder, Head of Spin3.

Source: Michael Dinan for tmcnet.com

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