New look for Pacific Poker software

May 27, 2008 · Print This Article

3-D Tables Among Host of New Graphic Experiences at Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker, the online poker room of gaming giant, today announced a software upgrade which allows players to view their playing environment in 3-D.

The company has released the upgrade and the software now gives players the option to hide/verify all-in action. It also features three table views: classic view, avatar view, and a 3D round table with avatars. Also available are first person view options, and clear view, which is a 3D table minus the avatars and with a clear background.

Matt Robinson, marketing director for said, “Our new software is the next step in Pacific Poker’s evolution. It is inspired by the way our players like to play the game and we made it our priority to provide them with a gaming platform that would upgrade their poker experience.”

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