Week in Gambling Ep. 5

This Week in Gambling episode is all about free Blackjack tournaments, big summer winners, Millionaire’s Club records, new 888 powered casinos and personalised gaming.

This week’s episode includes:

  • Daily free Blackjack tournaments and the new Lord of the Rings online slot machine game at the Gaming Club Online Casino.
  • Big Summer Winners at Europa Casino. One lucky player hit the Diamond Valley online slot machine jackpot and cashed-out a cool $220,000!
  • Record jackpot payouts on Millionaire’s Club III online slot is creating instant millionaires at InterCasino.
  • New 888 powered casinos at Euro City Casino, powered by Random Logic.
  • Personalised gaming is getting better with launch of more upgrades and localized gambling portals from Online Casino Reports.

Links from this week’s episode:

  • The Gaming Club Online Casino
  • Europa Casino
  • InterCasino
  • Euro City Casino
  • Online Casino Reports

The Weekly Edition from Online Casino Reports brings you the latest online gambling news every week. Bring the casino news to you with these weekly videos which feature the latest online gambling news events, a summary of the week that passed and what to expect in the upcoming week.

Until next time, that it from this edition of Week in Gambling, see you at the tables.

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Paypal Re-Enters Gambling Market

Gambling Payment Processing

Although US players will still not be able to make use of the feature, payment processor Paypal is once again processing online gambling transactions.

The turnaround in Paypal’s policy towards online gambling transactions has begun in the UK market with a move to allowing online bingo, poker and casino sites to once again make use of its nearly instantaneous money transfer service.

Industry insiders speculate that the move comes after major players in thye search ads market opted to allow gambling advertising in the UK and that Paypal may be preparing itself to enter the US gambling market should UIGEA be repealed. According to a recent study, the US gambling market could be worth 12 Billion Dollars annually if opened.

For now only a handful of UK casino and bingo operators will be offering Paypal as a payment option, but Paypal assured players of secure transactions without the need to reveal sensitive finacial data to operators in the form of bank account or credit card numbers.

According to a report by Online Casino Advisory, Paypal still seems to be operating cautiously to avoid legal entanglements with US authorities and the move is seen by observers as the beginning of a reversal of the online gambling ban.

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Week in Gambling Ep. 4

Week in Gambling Ep. 4 is all about casino affiliates, online casino game previews and the World Series of Poker 2009.

This Week:

  • US Gambling Law – Illinois in the money.
  • Game Previews – Casino game previews.
  • Intl. Networking – Affilicon highlights.
  • WSOP 2009 – Package give-aways.
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Week in Gambling Ep. 3

Week in Gambling Ep. 3 is all about Online Casinos to look for and others to look out for. In this weeks episode Online Casino Reports advises players to stay away from casinos operated by Grand Prive, and suggests some amazing offers to track down instead.

This Week:

  • Caution – watch out for these casinos
  • Outstanding Offers – slots and poker players are in for a treat.
  • Affilicon – a quick recap.
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Poker RakeBack Program

Get paid to play poker online

Poker rooms are hungrier than ever to keep players happy. If you’re an online poker player you should definitely think about maximizing the bonuses you receive from playing. Most advanced players settle on rakeback. A rakeback provider is a poker affiliate who will deal with the poker rooms for you and pay back a percentage of the rake you pay at the tables. Obviously this scales up the more you play and is a bonus which keeps on giving – unlike one time signup or reload bonuses.

There are several providers online and it’s worth choosing a reputable site as once you sign up through an affiliate you are usually stuck with them for as long as you play at a particular poker room. Nobody wants to give up their Full Tilt account because they’ve dealt with a bad affiliate. We can recommend rakeiteasy.com as they pay out on time, have great support and offer a large variety of poker rooms.

What is rake?

You might be wondering exactly what rake is. It varies a little from room to room but essentially rake is how the online poker rooms make money. They take a small percentage (usually around 5%) of each pot. It’s capped at a few dollars per pot. Although each piece of rake is small this soon adds up. A regular player can rake 100′s or 1000′s of dollars each month.

What is rakeback?

A major source of players for poker rooms is affiliate marketing. Whenever you see a site offering poker room reviews or bonus codes they are receiving a cut of the profit from every player they send on to a poker room. Rakeback affiliates share this cut with the players they refer. A standard rakeback deal will give the player back about 30% of the rake they pay. The affiliate keeps a small amount and the poker rooms see this as a good way to offer a loyalty bonus to players.

How much can I make?

It will vary greatly player to player. The more you play, and the higher the stakes, the more rake you will pay and thus the more rakeback you can receive. It will also depend on the site you play at. Generally the bigger the room the smaller the payout. Popular poker rooms offer around 30% rakeback while new poker rooms will offer up to 50%. Trying out a new room can pay out some really nice bonuses.

A big misconception is that rakeback is only worthwhile to high stakes players. In fact because the amount of rake is capped small stakes players suffer more from rake. If you’re trying to build up your bankroll then rakeback will definitely help. If you want to see how much you could be receiving then have a look at this rakeback calculator.

How do I get started?

To get rakeback you will often need to sign up for a new poker room account. It can sometimes be added to an existing account but that will depend on the policy of the poker room and whether you originally signed up through an affiliate. If you did then you’re usually out of luck. Contact your rakeback provider with your poker room account details and they’ll see what they can do.

Our friends at rakeiteasy have over 25 poker rooms on offer including the big names like Full Tilt, PKR, Cake Poker, Ultimate Bet and Carbon Poker. Go check out their offers and see if you could be benefiting.

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